A simpler way to manage your practice, you manage your patient's care, we will manage everything else

Our company specializes in HOUSECALL, priding ourselves on knowing and implementing the Medicare rules and regulations regarding all aspects of HOUSECALL.

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We can manage your office from scheduling to payment

A Charting Notes Housecall provider no longer needs a physical office or staff with use of the MSO services of Charting Notes

You Examine, We handle the rest.

Our highly trained staff manage the patient's chart from the initial referral, eligibility verification, contacting the patient and home health services / facility, scheduling the appointments by zip code on a rotating automated schedule, chart the dictated exam, order all medications, labs, diagnostics, referrals, etc..,

Dual audit system (clinical and billing)
prior to submission of claim; following the claim until full payment is made

Patient care and home health services communication (medication refills, CMS-485 processing, general communication, referrals)
are all managed by Charting Notes per the provider's guidelines.

Accessible on all devices from desktop to tablets to mobile devices.

What Our Clients Say About Charting Notes

Charting Notes is so simple to use and makes my life easier on so many levels! I will definitively be using Charting Notes for many years to come!


Vancy Bridges, MD