A system built specifically for HOUSECALL providers.

Charting Notes is a cloud-based electronic health record practice management system for HOUSECALL healthcare providers

A simpler way to manage your practice, you manage your patient's care, we will manage everything else. Our company specializes in HOUSECALL, priding ourselves on knowing and implementing the Medicare rules and regulations regarding all aspects of HOUSECALL.

A complete office in one package from scheduling to payment, this integrated system handles all aspects of the office clerical and medical functions remotely. All the provider has to do is see the patients, dictate the chart and collect payment 2 weeks later. We handle the rest.

Our highly trained staff manage the patient's chart from the initial referral, eligibility verification, contacting the patient and home health services / facility, scheduling the appointments by zip code on a rotating automated schedule, chart the dictated exam, order all medications, labs, diagnostics, referrals, etc..., dual audit system (clinical audit and a billing audit) before submitting payment and following the claim until it is paid. All communication the patient and home health services (medication refills, signing the CMS-485s / communications...) are handled internally per the guidelines set up by the provider.

Why They Choose Charting Notes

A unique system tailored for HOUSECALL charting.


Practice Management

For the provider who does not want to maintain an office, this is the perfect solution. You examine the patients, let us handle the paperwork.

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Scheduling patient on a rotating calendar can be difficult, our automated system lets you know which patients are ready to be seen again - and groups them by zip code!

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Stay on top of your charts and referrals with the click of a button. Our customize-able reports let you know what dictations are needed, what labs results are in for your review and tracks all DME and referral orders in the system.

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Charting Notes is linked with Trizetto, thus all your billing needs from submission to reconsideration and tracking of all claims can be handled within the program itself.

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